the #truth about loneliness

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It’s hard not to feel lonely

One of the hardest parts about feeling down is that others just don’t understand it. Whether we try to explain or not, it is just one of those situations that are not understood unless they are experienced.

But it’s hard not to feel lonely when no one understands.

Nothing I’ll say here is more #true than this. There are people in my life that really do try to understand how I’m feeling, what I’m going through and how it affects my daily life. People want to help, especially at first. But when things continue to fall, despite their best effort they start to get a sense of failure. It can get quite exhausting.

And it’s hard not to feel lonely when people get weird.

You start getting treated differently. What was once long, in depth conversations are now you talking and the other person saying “I’m sorry” or “that sucks”. At this point, everything starts to feel weird, you start to feel like a burden. You notice how often you complain and how little people really listen to you anymore. Are they even listening? It seems like most of the time they just look at their phones or find something to keep them distracted.

It’s hard not to feel lonely when you’re sitting right next to someone and you still feel alone

The misunderstanding of these feelings turns into a misunderstood friendship. The #truth is, some things aren’t meant to be shared with others. Even when it feels “right”, even when they say they want to help. Certain things should be saved for yourself, your journal, or even a therapist/coach.
When people don’t understand, and you keep coming at them with information they don’t know how to process, it will eventually break you both down.

And that’s when it’s time to look into yourself.
When you’re feeling the most lonely, the most misunderstood; those are the times to start digging deeper. This is a loneliness that lies somewhere deep down in our minds, no person will ever fill it. It’s a void that is meant to be filled with compassion for ourselves.
And once you find it you realize that this loneliness isn’t so lonely after all.

-Kara Beth

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